The Celebration Station

Every week we’ll be breaking down and rating well-known and memorable goal-scoring celebrations. When judging celebrations we’ll be looking at such key ingredients as originality, how iconic the celebration became, identity (do you instinctively link the celebration to the scorer) and, of course, playground appeal (which celebrations are kids ripping off after shinning a beauty between their schoolbag goalposts at lunchtime).

Daniel Sturridge’s ‘Are You Not Entertained?



‘For me, I think I probably will look back [at my dance celebration] and think…at the time, it felt right.’

Daniel Sturridge

Sturridge’s celebration dance is ridiculous. Let’s just make that clear. Not just the dance itself but his sullen facial expression, the way he removes himself from his emotions, his team mates, the moment; and just gives himself to dance. It’s all ridiculous…but god damn has it caught on.

Any potential sniff of goal has the cameraman prone and ready to capture every second of Sturridge’s own private afterparty. Fans wait excitedly in empty car parks to flaunt their own version of the dance to the striker. South African Pirates use their biggest game of the season to offer tribute to Sturridge’s celebration (see below). He has the masses eating out of the palm of his hand every time he moves his arms and all the while his eyes are screaming ‘Are you not entertained?!’.

Fucking A we are.



I must say, I’ve never seen a celebration quite like this. I’m a keen dancer and this move is even a bit too much for me. I really want to know the thought process behind it… Was it a drunken body movement that caught on…? Did he steal it from abroad…? Was he in his bedroom just working on a celebration and it happened…? I guess we’ll never know. The fact of the matter is this, I like this celebration, it’s original, it has character and it’s his own.

This is something I can box with.