Every week we’ll look to give you a summary of the last seven days of Bundesliga action. Admittedly we’re no experts but what we lack in knowledge we’ll make up for with boisterous enthusiasm, childlike wonder and unfettered opinion.


First things first, why ‘the Bundeshammer’ you ask? Well, over the last couple of years the Bundesliga has been pragmatically going about it’s business, making a strong case for itself being ‘the best league in the world’. While we dispute the ability to accurately measure a league’s greatness, there’s no doubt Bundesliga’s stock has risen with the presence of two German teams in last year’s Champions League final and much praise given to the league’s treatment of its fans and the support of the fans themselves.

It’s not a subtle league defined by physical, powerful, well-drilled teams who, for the most part, take it in turns to fail spectacularly or succeed fantastically. It’s compromised of fan-led clubs with full stadiums and well-maintained facilities. If Bayern look unstoppable at the moment, then comfort can come from knowing the structure in place at other clubs always provides the potential for success given a good coach and the right squad. That’s perhaps is what makes the Bundesliga so strong (and undoubtedly interesting); the capability of clubs to rebuild themselves and once gain challenge for the title. The self-sustaining nature of the league is what have led many to look to it for advice on how to improve the negative aspects of their own national competitions, Premiership included. Like a hammer, the Bundesliga has struck hard at the heart of the game, like a hammer, the Bundesliga is a tool for reconstruction and renovation and like a hammer, the Bundesliga is a fucking hammer. It makes sense, you know it makes sense.

And The Bundeshammer just got dropped.