Our Aims

This blog is coauthored by Joshua G. Grüber and Benny ‘The Diceman’ Chance.

We aim to offer up a different side of the beautiful game; one that steers clear of the usual clichés and guff relayed by Match of the Day and gives the kind of insight that can only be ascertained by locking Football in an empty room and beating it about the face with a phonebook until it gives us the answers we’re looking for.

Our goal (pun intended) is to offer a irreverent and unorthodox view of domestic and (in some cases) foreign football and ask questions the media and pundits sometimes fail to consider while embracing the fun and ridiculous side of the beautiful game.

With all that on the table I hope you have fun skimming through and dissecting our postings, ramblings and opinions.


Grüber and The Diceman

G       Dice

The statements made in this blog represent the opinion  and assessment of its two authors and nothing more. Although we rely upon facts to draw a conclusion, the suggestions we make are aimed at opening a wider debate and should be taken in a satirical context.

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