Ipswich Town (2000-2001)

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The Last of the Promohicans; The glorious rise and fall of Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town (2000-2001)

Cast your mind back to the turn of the millennium. A time when A1 and Craig David ruled the charts with an iron fist, Jimmy Saville was a live-and-kicking national treasure and Ipswich Town were mowing their way through the Premier League as though it were a plentiful wheat field. The Tractor Boys (as they’re affectionately known), managed by ‘Burly Burly’ George Burley and featuring a loyal band of never-better journeymen and deceptively promising youngsters, were perhaps the final example of an arguably extinct breed; the promoted team who has a genuine go for the Champions League spots, an underdog with no limit to their ambitions. It’s a type of team we’ve elected to call The Promohicans partly for their warrior spirit, but mostly for wordplay reasons and today we honour the last of them.

Daniel Day Wilnis

Starring Daniel Day Wilnis


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